343: GNOME's X-odus Removing X11 & No More P@ssw0rd5?

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What if I’m using a passkey and I suddenly loose access to my passkey device, e.g. because it’s broken or lost, how would I get access back?


very good question @vogelsaurier

it depends on how it is used. Apple would store the key in their keyring system so you could put it on another Apple device with the Apple ID. (how do you prove ownership of the apple id? who knows) I think this is also true for Google’s as well. Another option would to have mulitple devices authorized so you have at least one as a backup somewhere.

I think this will solve Phishing but I think this will be just as annoying and confusing to regular users as passwords are. I also feel like Phishing will be replaced with something else probably.

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I would assume that you simply click on the ‘I forgot my passkey device’ >> select the pictures containing only bridges/bicycles/other-objects-AI-Bots-just-cant-seem-to-identify >> enter in a NEW passkey device… er… wait a minute. :stuck_out_tongue:

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