331: Is Tech Industry Going Into Lockdown?!

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When mentioning alternatives to things like Reddit. How could you have forgotten about Usenet?

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Thank you for the forum shoutouts, very grateful for those.

An opinion on telemetry…

When companies talk about “anonymized” telemetry it tends to be a marketting term for data they can’t de-anonymize themselves but data miners can… should the data be leaked, open sourced or handed to them directly.

Either way I think there’s a time and a place for telemetry but it’s called a PC because it’s personal. I don’t care how polite, benign or anonymous it is, OS level telemetry is omni-present telemetry and should be resisted on principal because it breaks the seal on a door that should never be open (see: misson creep).

If Fedora is going to push on-by-default telemetry and they want decent anonymity, the only technique I know of is called differential privacy which is applied before it leaves the local computer. It adds random noise so it reduces individual exactness of information while still providing a clear picture in aggregate of what user are doing/using.

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Just a quick note on Matrix… to be fair to it’s mod tools they’re decent compared to average tools and they’re FOSS so anyone can improve them.

Though I think they suck for 2 reasons.

  1. Any normal mod tools are ridiculously inadequate for modding an open room in a federated network that anyone can automate joining anonymously and that problem grows with popularity.

  2. Matrix is in the process of solving it’s funding problem and it’s coming from people who use private rooms and networks who don’t need improved mod tools. That leaves it up to the public Matrix community which doesn’t seem to be bothered by their rooms living in a cosmic shooting gallery, at least enough to build/fund a real answer instead of mild mitigations like shared ban lists.

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I ab-SPUD-lutey enjoyed the Brotato stuff! Thanks!!!

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