324: Wayland, The Future Of Linux But When?

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Destination Linux 324: Jack and Jill (The Geek Edition)

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Been using Wayland for years at this point. Been a very smooth experience, save with a few apps that needed to be updated and dragged into the 21st century.

Yup, pipewire has been a godsend when you want to handle multiple streams, filters and effects without the complexity of jack.

Good show guys. Thanks!

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Fun Fact: The X windowing system came after W.

So, I initially started adding TOTP to bitwarden, and then I started thinking that this puts everything in one basket. What are your thoughts? Use bitwarden or a separate TOTP app?

A good basket is better than a bad basket is better than no basket.

Probably the safest place for TOTP is on an OnlyKey, then a separate device like a phone, then separate software, then a single good basket like Bitwarden or KeePassXC.

Balance what you need with what you’d like with what’s available.

I have considered using TOTP under Bitwarden but have not tried it yet. Currently, I have my TOTP stored in Standard Notes which are encrypted and synced. Now that I am exploring another note and organization system, I might try Bitwarden with TOTP.

The only thing that has held me back on using Wayland has been the Nvidia in my Oryx Pro. Eventually when I can afford another system, I will be going with a more forward thinking solution like AMD or if the Intel GPUs are capable of the limited gaming that I do.

I have been following the Sway project and I like where they have been going with it. It would be nice to maybe see a distro that treated it and i3 as first citizens. So as if your system does not handle Wayland it has i3, but that config would also be usable if your system does support Wayland.

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FWIW I run my own BW server but still donate to the company. I use andOTP on the phone and you can double it up with Bitwarden addon in Firefox. It is convenient not to have to get my phone out every time I am on the laptop logging in somewhere.

That is what I have liked about using Standard Notes for my TOTP. Convenient on desktop and mobile. I have not ran my own BW server, but if I do so, I will still continue to support BW. It has been great tool for me and for family. The support is good and the focus is good.

Actually, Jill got it a little wrong, as Xorg did not exist until 2004.

Before it was the X11 system, which had various revisions X11.R5, X11.R6 etc.

make world is indelibly burned into my brain.

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Oh the days of xfree86 and modeline configurations.


Quite. And people say things don’t improve? :roll_eyes:

Oh, I will say that they have greatly improved since my introduction to Linux in 95/96. No winmodems for example. Aside from hidpi issues on some installations, I would say that getting a Linux distribution up and running is smoother and faster than a Windows install. And with more out-of-the-box. I swear I have forgotten more because of the unnecessary to delve in as deep on things.