318: Cloud Repatriation & Framework Laptops Go Next Level!


The Framework laptop will be my next purchase for multiple reasons but the ONE decision that they made that makes me hesitant is the 3:2 ratio screen that is not the standard 1080p. It will make things weird when adding multiple screens. That said, I’ll take the irritation of the weird screen with the repair-ability of the rest of it. I think more than 1080p on a 13 or 14 in form factor is a waste. :slightly_smiling_face:

I should note that I am interested in the 13", not the 16" as I don’t want a laptop that big. I want a laptop for laptop-y things and a desktop for desktop-y things.

I DO think that the Framework is the best overall laptop out there. Also, that main board, THINK about the possibilities… There are all kinds of things there for those in the maker space. I might buy some main boards for some specific projects. It will likely displace the the Pi4 in some tasks.

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There was a section in which there was some discussion of Signal encrypting being broken by Cellebrite using “just a phone number,” and I think that represents a confusion of two different events. Cellebrite was advertising the ability to break the encryption on the local SQL-like database that Signal uses (back in 2020), but that requires physical control of the unlocked device, and the phone number is not involved. There is another Israeli company known as something of a hacking company called the NSO group, which is known to be able to tickle various remote vulnerabilities in iOS that can defeat the security on that device, after which they can read the signal messages as they are decrypted by Signal on the phone. That’s also not really defeating the encryption, but an endpoint attack. It is also very targeted; there are supposedly political repercussions for NSO to use it against US-based phones (but they seemingly have done so). It is pretty expensive for governments to license anyway. I think it’s important to be aware that such attacks are possible, but there are steps you can take to further protect your phone (lockdown mode) and it’s pretty unlikely that that kind of attack would target most people.

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Just to add to the idea of a DL Minecraft server… I agree, but how a Minetest server? Fully free and open source and loads of fun.

Especially with the Mineclone2 addon it is very close to Minecraft as well as being accessible to all. My kids have been enjoying it for the last few years in our house and, as a side benefit, my son has been able to see how open source community development works and has begun to see the benefits community projects.