314: Can Linux Get Viruses? plus Ubuntu Flavours Removing Flatpaks

I have been using Manjaro and Debian (with flatpaks) for the past few years but let me get this straight.

  • A company says we’ll give you free access to 50.000 maintained packages and this snap technology which we will both formally support to get free applications for at least 5 years.
  • Official derivatives that are linked to the company and benefit from it’s branding are asked to stick to what is officially supported “out of the box”. Who knows why now, perhaps an IPO is coming or something like that.
  • The flavors agree.

And now you need to do 10 minutes to make this an issue (your own words) and drag Microsoft in there to add some FUD sauce?

I feel this network has become too biased.

There is definitely a miscommunication here. First of all, it’s not 50,000 packages being supported but only the main repo, community repos are rarely if ever updated in LTS. Secondly, we mentioned that Snaps have issues and they do. Third, Ubuntu Flavors are not officially maintained by canonical. Yes they are sanctioned but they are still community driven projects. Fourth, we mentioned that it was a request made to the flavors and the flavors agreed. I stated that I felt it was unnecessary but also it’s not a big deal and ultimately this does not impact the user experience all that much for most flavors. Fifth, Ryan was making a joke about me convincing him to be mad about it. He’s not actually made and we laughed about that part to indicate it’s a joke. Finally, sure we have opinions and preferences and they will never make everyone happy but to call us too biased is laughable to me because we are essentially the one of only groups of people you’ll ever hear defending Canonical. We don’t agree with everything they do but we still appreciate all the work and effort they have made for the Linux ecosystem and we have made this clear on countless occasions.

To be honest I don’t understand why you write all this.

I will happily correct that Canonical offers Ubuntu Pro for free for personal usage for 25000 packages for 10 years, including the universe repo. I will make sure not to be too quick on the numbers next time and look them up again, but it does not change the main point.

I understand the other things you write and did not say anything different from them. I think the show has become increasingly biased as to how topics get approached (which you seem to understand as me claiming you are anti Canonical - which I am not) and I found the Microsoft reference completely irrelevant/unwarranted and therefore nasty.

Give them some time. The pendulum swings with a known rhythm.

Plus, it’s usually better to give the hosts a little grace as they are on a journey themselves. None of them express that they are the end-all experts. Even Jill, who has many accomplishments, rides the humble-wagon.

As mortal beings, they are influenced by others (what they read, who they interact with, and what they watch) – and doing a weekly podcast sometimes results in “thinking out loud while on air.”

However, there are times when it is good to hold their feet to the fire – by doing so you help them to improve and make better content for a better network. I’m reminded of a book I read once that said something like, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

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Really balanced answer here from the late night Linux team on Ubuntu’s take on Snap.

I could not put it more diplomatically if I tried.
Just to be clear, I think the Destination Linux crew are doing a great job.

Some topics on Linux can get a bit heated, but we are all here because of the benefits that open source provides and the community spirit.

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