299: Gurus of Sudo and Kinetic Kudus

Ads in console while updating is not gray area, what if you log your output, you dont want advertising in your logs, or do any other logic based on output. the fact that this is not getting more attension just shows us how bad things have become. this reminds me of lightspeed breafs from futurama, no ads in the console.

Regarding root file access under Dolphin - this is definitely supported, provided you have the kio-admin package (it should be installed by default on Neon desktop, but YMMV). With that installed, typing “admin:” into the dolphin address bar will pop up a polkit permissions dialog and when you complete it, you get root level access to your file system.

The UX could be better - for one thing, dolphin doesn’t wait for your to hit ENTER after typing “admin:”, and there are a few other issues.