289: We Go Cloud Native At SCALE 19x


So I love the show, listen every week. But I think Jill’s gonna get me here more then you other young whippersnappers here. Hard to believe it’s coming up on 30 years since I installed those Slackware floppies myself! :smile: Hate that may job keeps me in the Windows ecosystem, dual booting or using VMs.

So anyway, not to blather too long: Between this week, and you’re looking for a less intrusive alternative to Chromium, and last week’s discussion of the ye olde terminal of yore to navigate the computer in days gone by, that no mention was made of the Lynx browser. I checked, it’s still out there. Low overhead. Stable. Pretty sure it’s not spying on you. And it is, without a doubt going to end up being the FASTEST loading web browser anyone who hasn’t used it has ever seen! For…reasons.

Guys, ya’ll keep on rockin and Jill…treasure hunt, Commodore Pet or an Osbourne, let’s go!

Sam in WV
Arch is the way.

p.s. Michael, I use a stool too…it’s called a drum throne, infinitely cooler when thought of that way


Man no one ever talks about using qutebrowser. Qute is so so so underrated. I have no idea what I’d do if development stopped. There’s so much customization and with the vimlike bindings muah chefs kiss


Thanks, everyone! I’ll try to avoid annoying our community by posting on every DL episode’s discussion as I binge and catchup, but my, this one was a delight for so many reason! I don’t think I can make Scale in March, but maybe about a year after that I might. That would make it probably my fifth year as a DL viewer :slight_smile:

Meantime I need to figure-out how to switch my TwiL Sponsus to DL so that I get benefits across the whole network perhaps? :thinking:

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