287: Customizing Your Terminal to be a 1337 h@x0r


I love Kitty it is very fast, I use to use neofetch but I had found Fetch-Master-6000, as for my prompt I love using Starship these make my terminal very minimal and still fun and useful.


Beautiful @Hacker_Planet !!! :joy::heart_eyes::smiley_cat::penguin::penguin::penguin:

Thank you @jill_linuxgirl :penguin: :penguin: :penguin: :smiley_cat:

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This episode had me laughing so hard! You guys totally made my day.

I guess I never imagined the TERMINAL as being themed, but, Hey! Linux = Options. :slight_smile:

Now I’ve got the ‘Terminal Hopping’ bug.


For those others who listen to the audio-only podcast versions of DLN, here’s a simple acrostic to help you keep the hosts straight. (Which voice belongs to which host, and which host belongs to which name, etc. etc.)

[ J ] ust
[ I ] nstall
[ L ] ovely
[ L ] inux

[ M ] ore
[ I ] nformation
[ C ] ataloged.
[ H ] appens
[ A ] lmost
[ E ] verywhere.
[ L ] inks’-in-the-shownotes

[ R ] izen?!
[ Y ] es!!!
[ A ] MD?!
[ N ] aturally!


Love Terminator

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Thanks everyone, especially for the chuckles! I’m not into games much but I don’t skip the sections because I enjoy the jokes – @jill_linuxgirl you had one of the funniest in this one!

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