276: Our Takes on Ubuntu 22.04, Each Ubuntu Flavour & KDE Plasma Mobile


So today we’ve learned that snap startup times (13 seconds! - weekly mention required!) are unmanageable for a Tumbleweed user, but minutes-long “updates during boot” (took me straight back to the nineties) merit no comment.

I also learned that self-declared KDE Plasma lovers still consider “looking for a setting” a hassle when it is not on their favorite DE.

And it is Ubuntu’s fault that 4K detection is broken on all the flavors. And here I was thinking Wayland would fix all of that like, 6 years ago. “MIR must die! EVERYBODY is using Wayland!”

Ah Linux. Will it ever change. I guess not.

Still love you though :slight_smile:

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I like the new AI jellyfish.

And I often forget but checked again: Firefox is published as a snap by Mozilla. Should distributions determine how software creators can publish their own software?

For the Firefox snap I insist the case should have been made to have feature parity/no regressions, but other than that?

Wow everyone - such a fun episode, especially at the end about SCALE 2022. Hope some time to meet you all there too - wearing some merch gear just in case - wouldn’t do not to be spoken to after making such a long journey to that destination :wink:

As for Ubuntu, have to say quite disappointed about the number of issues mentioned. I wonder if they’re only noticed on high-end hardware though, for now? Most of my devices are quite old and it’s a real benefit to have Linux to stay productive with :+1:

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@ak2020 we would :heart: to meet you at SCaLE!!! :joy::penguin::penguin::penguin:. Come and hang out with us at our TuxDigital/DL & LinuxChix booth!!

:hugs: and Cheers!

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Thanks @jill_linuxgirl - this time next year hopefully I’ll be on the better side of the digital divide and looking forward to that – you’re all well worth travelling to meet :slight_smile:

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