274: What Makes A Linux Distro Good For Beginners?

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Thanks, everyone! Great show, as ever :slight_smile: I tend to recommend Mint to new users.

We’re definitely on the same page as far as bug reports, documentation and accessibility go. I’ve been triaging bugs for KDE and even as an experienced user, took me a while to get my head around BugZilla. The first contribution I made to the community was on the Wiki - helping other newbie KDE contributors get down to some basics! I have development experience but not so-much with Qt yet, though I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before I start coding. The first apps I’m keeping an eye on are to do with accessibility. Some of the projects are quite major though, so I might have to try my hand on smaller little contributions first. But I absolutely agree: Linux is behind on accessibility and we shouldn’t be.

Interesting thoughts on Fedora. For the last few releases I’ve seriously started questioning if I might not try switching from Debian Stable (which I’ve used for close to ten years now, I think) to Fedora at least on one machine, as a test!

BTW is 1pm USA Eastern Standard Time, or USA Eastern Daylight-saving Time?