254: Linux Laptops, Fedora, DreamWorks Open Source, LXQt Desktop & more Linux news

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16:14 The Cosmic SIG is moving forward with some traction. I’ll say that having it in the Atomic Desktop flavor is the right choice. Since Cosmic is so fresh, and might have bugs it’s great to see it go that way.

Also, the project has been going for a while now. You can try it here ;

23:26 GIMP3.0 is gonna be huge. I do want to make notes, that there might be confusions or assumptions about. NDE’s have been in GIMP for a while. As a matter of fact, A majority of the GEGL operations are NDE’s ! Also the lack of understanding of the filters and how they are used is a big issue. People do not realize that the Graph editing is basically a Nodes tool. So chaining of filters and the like is possible creating tons of possibilities.

Anyone looking to try it out, I currently use PhotoGIMP : “A patch for optimizing GIMP 2.10+ for Adobe Photoshop users” , It is also working for the 2.99.18rc. Very helpful for those looking to jump in.

Here is the download for GIMP 2.99.18 btw GIMP - Development Downloads

I agree, this would be very good. I would prefer to see this as an official spin managed by System76 but this is still very cool because the Universal Blue team makes a lot of good stuff. :sunglasses: :+1:

This is interesting, I was not aware that they were using a Node style tool. That will certainly be confusing for a lot of people because that is a massive workflow conflict from what people expect. It’s possible to be a good thing because Nodes can be incredibly useful if done right.

GEGL is very nice and I was super excited when it was first announced. I am still very optimistic that GEGL will be what it was set out to be and revolutionize the project. With that said, GEGL’s NDE functions are quite limited. I know GIMP has some minor pieces that are NDE such as the masking and coming soon with the filters but NDE is a much larger workflow and GIMP is in the infancy of this workflow. For a tool to compete in the professional realm it needs NDE everywhere on every tool because that is what professional tools offer so GIMP has a very long path to get there.

I know people don’t like to hear this but it is my genuine opinion that until they change the name of the tool, the project will always be so far behind that playing catchup is an understatement. I hope that someday they realize this and make the simplest change for the better of the project but I don’t really have much hope for this anymore.