253: Keepin IT RHEL with Red Hat's Scott McCarty

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I hope the show video quality gets fixed soon. Thank you for the episode and keeping it rhell!

Mr. Tunnell… where can I find the mentioned discussion about D&D. Thank you~


Thanks, everyone! Love the deep techie chats, always and so inspiring to have open source folk on like Scott from Red Hat. When I get back into working in IT after a long spell in education (currently only part time) I’d really prefer to work in open source. The whole culture just seems to fit me better :slight_smile:

Edit: I tried CentOS Stream when it was first released, while regular CentOS was still available, and found it worked without any problems whatsoever, though did not (at that stage) update anywhere near as regularly as Fedora (which I wouldn’t have expected anyway). I can see why this approach opens RHEL development more to the community and it certainly has its value, though as mentioned so do Alma and Rocky Linux. I have been excited enough about CentOS Stream to install it again now on a VM :slight_smile: