245: Cinnamon Desktop, KDE Plasma 6, Kali Linux, AI Alliance, 23AndMe Hacked & more Linux news

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The 23andMe hack is “Spectacular” for all the wrong reasons. Imagine having a database of the DNA of millions of people and what that could mean for nation states and people.

I love to hear arguments from privacy naive folks saying “I have nothing to hide”, Well folks. . . Now you do !


So much for using my DNA sequence as an unbreakable password… Now I’ll have to find something else. (Which is good, cause that many characters on those annoying dialog boxes that refuse to allow you to ‘show’ what you are typing was getting old. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I just create keys, Some large, some small.
dd bs=512 count=4 if=/dev/random of=/media/usbstick/mykeyfile iflag=fullblock

Thanks @MichaelTunnell ! I have to say I’ve been curious about what can be found from my DNA info, in terms of which parts of the world my ancestors came from, or if they were quite centralised in one region. I’m not curious enough to take risks with that kind of data though.

Great news about Linux uptake improving, also RHEL’s strong work in beefing up XWayland and related software for RHEL 10! Zorin looks like they’re continuing with some pretty cool work on all those friendly desktop versions. I’m curious to try KDE6 too. Likely to be on Neon in a VM :slight_smile: