244: PipeWire 1.0, Red Hat Dropping Xorg, openSUSE, Nextcloud & more Linux news

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell! Hmm, have to say it’s surprising RHEL are dropping X completely. I remember first writing C Code for it back in the 90s and fearing frying multi-sync (cathode ray) monitors with Linux by setting the text-based configuration files incorrectly for X (which in those days was the XFree86 implementation I think?)

I’m still hopeful Gnu Image Manipulation Program changes its name too.

I actually still had Win XP on a partition on an old netbook of mine up until only about three years ago, with that default wallpaper. I also remember that XP seemed at the time a huge improvement on previous version in many way (ME, I think it was, though I didn’t upgrade my 95 until XP!) If I had $70 spare, believe me, I’d much rather spend it on our own network SWAG, which I still have none of!

Couldn’t come any sooner ! They’ve set the bullseye 2 releases ago. it was time.

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