243: Inkscape, LTS Kernels, EndeavourOS, Firefox 120, Steam Sale & more Linux news

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell! Inkscape’s approaching 20 years? I think I must have seen a very early version of it then, long, long time ago. I agree it’s a staple app on Linux. Very useful. I’d like to learn it more thoroughly.

I’ve not heard of Distrobox, nor tried running a distro inside a docker container, though I think that’s possible too. I’ve found Virtualbox very useful over the years, but might look at this too!

I’ve looked at Calibre off and on over the years, sometimes wondering if I should chip in feedback for the user interface, which I find a bit clunkety. It’s extremely useful for converting between file formats, I think, though sadly most of my ebooks are locked-in to Amazon, because I heavily need ebooks and most of them are on Amazon, as far as I’m aware.

Likewise, I think Handbrake is great. Saves having to learn obscure FFMpeg commands lol!