236: Is Eating Our Own Holding Linux Back?


That’s my kind of episode, very thought provoking.

Borrowing from the theme i’d like to add a few…

  • Without fortitude everything will eat you.
  • Without good will, you’ll always be hungry.

what would you suggest the title be?

Firefox was mentioned a lot. It probably will be gone in the 5 years as mentioned due to stances on now being pro censorship, bad decisions on the software, and generally people complaining it has gotten very bloated feeling. Edge now has more users than Firefox, and it has dropped to single digit of percentage market share.

Not quite true. It has been a default install since 2015. People just do not want to use Firefox anymore.

Hello there. I wanted to E-Mail this, but I could not find the E-Mail address. So, I’ll post this here. I love your podcasts, videos, and website. I have 2 questions. 1: When will the next GameSphere episode be released ? 2: I can’t remember if Michael ever said what his favorite desktop environment is, lol ? I would, also, like to say that Jill should think about making some videos or ,even, maybe a podcats about retro tech. Thanx and keep up the great work !

I know for sure I can answer one of your questions. @MichaelTunnell is definitely Plasma all the way.

That’s a lot of work but I admit to missing the Jill episodes of DL when she was a guest because they were Jill-centric episodes. A good mix up might be having each member of DL become a “guest” on occasion.

Retro tech aside Jill is culturally significant in a way that’s very hard to find and that really comes through with microphone time. Hearing her take on different topics at length is a big bonus.

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Thanks everyone, really enjoyed the variety of topics in this episode!

I’m trying to think when I first became a regular viewer of DL - must be about two years ago now, and one of the things that most impressed me about the content was how balanced it was. Not idealistic content that ignored challenges and problems and yet thoroughly positive, encouraging and cohesive. It’s why I was delighted to sign-up to this forum, for example. Thankfully I’ve managed to stay clear of internet forums where the toxicity resides, remembering I also didn’t engage when such arguments used to break out “flame war” style back in the old days of usenet newsgroups (I think they were called).

I guess for some people, especially in frustrating times, venting online might be their outlet, though I doubt it helps anyone in the long-run, themselves included. To my mind, the essence of open source is in working together, not in grabbing all one can get for free then moaning if something doesn’t work “just so”.

On a lighter note, although I’m not much of a gamer, the simulations you mention remind me of “Theme Hospital” which I used to play on my PC back in the 90s. It was hilarious and I’d happily buy it to run in retro emulation!

I’m all for being a pine-o-neer, though I’ve barely spent anything on my computing needs of late due to circumstances. I’m curious about the development kit for the PineTime too; might be fun to play with :slight_smile:



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Thanks, looks awesome - I hope it makes me laugh just as hard as the original used to :wink: