235: Raspberry Pi 5, openSUSE, Linux Mint, GNU 40 Years & more Linux news!

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Happy Birthday, GNU :partying_face: I think there’s even a release of Debian that uses Hurd as the kernel?

Raspberry Pi 5 and Plasma 6 are my fave news items for the week. I’ve actually been using Gnome desktop for probably close to a couple of years now, just to stay as close to defaults as possible when coding on Ubuntu LTS and just, consistency, I guess, even when switching to Debian for my personal use. I’m heavily in support of the KDE project in general, and still looking forward to resuming bug triaging on it, though was a little scared when the Qt licensing changed back in the Covid years. I am wondering if changes to Gtk on one hand, and licensing for Qt on the other, might open things up for Google’s Flutter. I think Canonical are already starting to use that as their default? I might have preferred WxWidgets at one time though I don’t think that’s been under much development for some time, unless I’m mistaken.