234: The Audacity of Muse Group & Garuda Linux Interview


I do very little audio editing. But I’m looking at switching from Audacity to Ardour.

It is an Audacity fork or a different project all together?

Wendy, if you’re asking about Ardour I think it’s a separate project altogether. It has a very different UI than Audacity and has been around for a while. It has a steeper learning curve than Audacity.

I just installed it (Ardour), and the work flow is WAY different. I’ll continue to play with it, maybe see if I can find a class on it like I did Audacity. If I can get the same or better quality out of it, I may go that route.

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Wendy, if you find a good tutorial please share. Thanks

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Thanks everyone, for another fun and informative episode :slight_smile:

I’m with @kernellinux on being fairly guarded when it comes to telemetry. Personally I incline more towards the suspicious side of the spectrum and would feel happier using a fork of Audacity if any of the good folk of the community are able to achieve that. Also Garuda and its community sounds pretty inspiring. Love hearing those success stories!

I keep promising myself to get a live viewing of one of the famous DL gaming events though I’m really bad at making live events. Even when I was a child I used to record any TV I wanted to watch on VHS then view it according to however I wanted to manage my time!


Everything I’m finding is for music editing on Ardour. I have been using the Audacity fork Tenacity and really enjoying it. They have already made some changes that I’m liking (better dark theme).

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