227: Linux Mint, Slackware, RHEL Clones, Solus, blendOS & more Linux news!

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I’m mostly posting this response so that you know people are listening. I respect your opinion regarding collecting data from linux users, but I don’t agree. After years of abusive spying by other companies, one of the things I like best about linux is the fact that it’s not constantly chatting back to the mothership. “Anonymized data collection” is a fallacy. Once the telemetrics technology is built into a distribution, it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out how to abuse it. And while the initial plan sounds innocuous, I won’t be installing it on any of my systems. When it comes to counting linux popularity, I think that the current method of compiling statistics from major websites is good enough. (I’d stop that data collection if I could.)

Thanks @MichaelTunnell especially for your reaction to the reactions - and I favour AlmaLinux’s too, out of all of them too, as mentioned elsewhere :slight_smile:

I haven’t read Oracle’s statement in full and am in no rush to, though your comments did make me chuckle. I remember what happened with OpenOffice.org and Oracle’s legal tussle with Google. I do use VirtualBox and OpenJDK quite a lot though, both of which Oracle are linked to.

Like you, I believe, I’d really like to see the community get behind CentOSStream as a way of potentially benefitting all Enterprise Linux users. Let’s see what happens, I guess!

Also I do believe Slackware was the first Linux distro I tried, back in about 1994. I remember thinking that to create a fully-fledged OS and “ecosystem of applications” that could compete with Windows would take … about thirty years, was my wild guess. I was wrong. Linux did it a lot faster :slight_smile: