225: Debian 12, openSUSE 15.5, NixOS, Huge Steam Update & more Linux news!

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…the bookmarks/chapters didn’t show up in my podcast app like they usually do. I use Podcast Addict on Android 13.

Thanks for all the great shows! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @MichaelTunnell - favourite news of this episode has to be Debian 12. I’ve been delighted with it on my machines since the day it was released, as Debian Stable’s been my daily driver since… version 7 if I remember correctly!

Also I am in support of LIbreOffice flatpak use with Redhat and other distros. On Debian I prefer the flatpaks for staple software such as LibreOffice and Firefox anyway as both are maintained by the official development team and are more up-to-date than the repos on Debian would be. Makes a lot of sense to avoid duplication when possible, especially if the talent can be deployed uniquely elsewhere. Just my opinion too :slight_smile: