224: KDE Plasma 6, COSMIC Desktop, CodeWeavers, Lutris, Arch Linux & More Linux News

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No Sound?

I love learning to lip read as much as anyone, but I think you have technical difficulties.

Tried opening it in YouTube and no sound there either. The comments on your YouTube make interesting reading. :slight_smile:

Ok, audio on your podcast works, just not on the video


I’m a talented lip reader. I’ll help.

“Welcome to This Week In Linux. Before we get started let me just say how much I admire @dasgeek and how he’s always right.”

Sorry, I had to stop the transcription. I couldn’t get any further. Michael was just talking crazy.


Comment section alone made this worthwhile!

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LOL okay not sure how that happened but I guess I learned something new about DaVinci Resolve. I have fixed it now so enjoy the new episode complete with actual sound lol


Thanks @MichaelTunnell ! I’m way behind on DL podcasts but these are my faves and look forward to them regularly. I think the most exciting news for me this week has been updates on Cosmic desktop!