221: Our Backup & Data Recovery Methods: Break Glass In Case Of System Failure


I still use Facebook, despise hating both its politics and interface. I just wouldn’t be able to communicate with certain groups otherwise.
At the very least, I do have all wrappers and don’t really post anything personal.

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Firefox multi-account containers are extremely cool though i’ve found they’re not very good with social sites.

Inevitably there’s a link I want to follow, usually to youtube and clicking it will open the new site in the same container which depending on the link is or is not what i’d want and can totally defeat the purpose. I’ll also sometimes forget something’s inside a container (despite the color on the tab) if i’m clicking through stuff. Obviously it’s easy to avoid these issues by being vigilant but in practice it’s a recipe for mistakes.

I strongly recommend using profiles instead, it’s very easy to distinguish when sites are in their own window and you can use Firefox Color to make it even more obvious. It also allow you to tailor which add-ons have access to which sites because each profile has it’s own separate extensions.

I’ve append -ProfileManager to my shortcuts so every time I launch the browser I have to pick the profile I wish to browse in and it’s made life a lot easier.

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Thanks everyone - very entertaining, especially the banter about recovery systems and @kernellinux 's delightful enthusiasm :slight_smile:

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Of course as Dutchman I have the cheapest backup and recovery system in the world, it is based on the remains of a 2003 HP D530 SFF and it has:

  • Pentium 4 HT (3.0 GHz)
  • 4 x 512MB DDR
  • 2 x IDE HDD (3.5"; 250 + 320 GB)
  • 2 x SATA-1 HDD (2.5"; 2 x 320 GB)
  • an original Compaq Evo Tower with Windows 98SE stickers
  • a new $15 xTech power supply (600W; 24 and 4 pins plugs; 2 SATA and 2 Molex plugs), a perfect fit. :slight_smile:

It is in use since June 2019 and it is powered on for the weekly backup for max 1 hour. It runs today’s released 32-bits FreeBSD 13.0 on OpenZFS 2.0. It receives the backups from Ubuntu 21.04 also on OpenZFS 2.0 :). Recovery of the stored files can be based on USB 2.0, Samba or OpenZFS’s send | ssh receive :slight_smile:

I have 3 backups Pentium (1.21 TB), laptop (1 TB r.i.p; now 160 GB and soon 2 TB) and Samsung S5 my off-site backup (64 GB for my personal stuff).