221: Debian Survey, State of Solus, Docker Drama, Halo, and more Linux news!

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We have a response here from Josh Strobl on Solus, looks like he is back onboard.

Quote from Josh,

“We will be sharing a plan that involves familiar faces re-joining the project or collaborating in some form, new organizational structure, improved transparency, elimination of bus factor across the board, Solus 4.x and even early plans for Solus 5. It is important to note that this plan has been approved by all concerned Solus team members and those members will be staying aboard the ship, working in a more cohesive and transparent manner for all.

All the best,

The new Solus team.”


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Guess someone heard your request for more information.

“Joshua Strobl and original Solus project founder Ikey Doherty are both becoming re-involved with the Solus Linux distribution”


Thanks for sharing the link. I did see this announcement and plan to include it in the next TWIL this week, this week is going to be just SLAMMED with news which is kind of normal around this time, the weeks prior to Ubuntu releases are quiet and the week of is usually crazy lol

Thanks for this @MichaelTunnell ! I think the best news of the week, for me, is the Debian report on payments to developers, especially as it’s my daily driver and has been for almost ten years now, I think. Also Bloomberg contributions are great and I hope the trend continues too!