218: KDE Plasma 5.27, Endless OS, Fedora 38, Future of Thunderbird & More Linux News

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Instead of having “& More Linux News” overlay could you put “TWIL #EpisodeCount” or expanded to “This Week in Linux #99999”?
It would be nice if all TWiL episodes had some instant recognizable mark/ branding.

I used to have the episode number on the thumbnail and it made people not want to watch because it made some feel like they would be out of date and have to catch up. This is one of the reasons I changed to making the thumbnail more YouTube style to promote the topics and also because I changed the format of the show to be more like a video than a podcast with a video element . . . now it is more like a video with a podcast edition. In the podcast edition it does show the episode number and in the show notes. The only part that doesnt have the episode number is the youtube version. Do you watch the show via youtube?

Did watch it Michael!

Been a while…
Might recommend a more visible TWL no.

Now, off to see that video link to Jill talking about professionals using OpenSource…