214: Linux Plumbers Conference, Fedora, Kdenlive Fundraiser, Linux Malware and more Linux news!

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Thanks @MichaelTunnell ! Enjoyed this. Curious about the DL Special Edition too :slight_smile:
Mmmhmm. Lots of good news about betas! Yes, I look forward to supporting some key open source software soon, including KDEnlive and buying some DL/Tuxdigital SWAG woohoo! I finally have a full-time job - hurrah :slight_smile:

There’s a chance today I might finally be able to join-in live!

I always get confused by time zones though… I’m in London UTC+1 (due to summer time).

Is US Eastern time the zone that New York, New York is in, i.e. UTC-4 at the moment?
That would mean the show starts at 6pm London time… I’ll try to make it :slight_smile:

BTW, being a Londoner, I literally thought there are plumbers in the world united in their use of Linux. That would be cool too :wink:

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TuxDigital swag is totally a great idea :slight_smile: and congrats on the new job! That’s Awesome!

Yes US Eastern time is the same as New York time. There are some changes planned for TWIL production process though. I can not say exactly what yet but I hope to have these changes ready for the next episode.

Destination Linux live will be at the same time on Sunday this week, 1 PM US Eastern time

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