211: GNOME Telemetry, Flatpaks, Lutris, CrossOver 22, Deepin Dropping Debian and more Linux news!

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Another great episode. Regarding the show notes, I think this new format is much better than the previous one. The links are clearer and more accessible. Furthermore, thanks to the unified structure of the notes, I am able to parse each show note faster and determine which links I want to follow. For me, the new show notes improve the experience. Well done, I would say.

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Thank you very much for the feedback on the show notes. That’s the outcome I was hoping for so I’m glad to see that’s your experience with the changes. That’s great :sunglasses::+1:

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The new show notes format is good. It is easier to read, but honestly the old format didn’t bother me much either.

One thing that does bother me is the way the notes show in podcatchers (AntennaPod, Podverse). Everything is merged into one long line and cut off. I always open the show page to read the notes because they are too hard to read in the podcatcher. Other shows I subscribe to have long show notes that look good (Coding Blocks has particularly long show notes), so I don’t think it is a size problem, but you must be targeting a podcatcher I don’t use.

On the same topic, it would be nice if DL episodes had show notes instead of a link. Opening links is not a big deal but it is an annoying few second delay vs having the notes appear instantly in the podcasting app.

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I agree, this is kind of a bummer. I also have other shows with way longer show notes that do not get cut off this way, so it is kind of unclear why this happens.

For anyone unfamiliar with what we are talking about, the TWIL show notes abruptly stop mid-sentence for some reason, like this:

Again, I completely agree. Typically when I am listening to a podcast, I am also doing something else (riding my bike, cleaning up in the kitchen, exercise, whatever). On other shows if I want to learn more about something while I am listening, I will crack open the show notes and fire off the link quickly to check later. But the DL podcast only has a link, and you have to scroll down quite a bit to even find the show notes.

It’s much clunkier. I hate to say so but usually I don’t even bother.

I really enjoy the shows and will continue to listen to them as long as there is a podcast version, but it does sometimes feel like the shows cater more toward the YouTube audience than the podcast audience.

I can relate. It does not bother me as much (I always open the full show notes on the website anyway), but it would be a nice QoL feature, for sure.

Thanks @MichaelTunnell - I sure am useless at catching live show and haven’t even once turned-up after subscribing with Sponsus months ago – shameful of me, I know – just been really busy coding, of all things lol! Hope to drop by some time soon!

I remember Napster but not into music much so never used it. Lutris flatpak sounds very interesting though. I can’t remember if you have your Steamdeck yet to test these on?