210: The Fediverse - Become An Adult Again


What are some of the better clients for diaspora?

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Valuable discussion raised by @esbeeb highlighted this week.


Thanks for covering my question on the show! @jill_linuxgirl, I liked your answer the most.


Thanks everyone - very informative and entertaining, as ever :slight_smile:

I think it’s always preferable to have the option to fork, though it should be used in exceptional circumstances only, with priority given to collaboration on existing projects whenever possible.

I think fediverse is great. I use Mastodon and Matrix / Element. For the latter I hope it will become the standard platform in time, even though Element is still improving in accessibility. I agree with @MichaelTunnell in that I do find the entry to using the system is somewhat higher than for signing-up to simpler systems such as Telegram and this probably puts-off a lot of “average” users. I have successful coaxed my family on Telegram rather than WhatsApp but haven’t really tried to get them onto Element yet as it’s not really a direct alternative. I agree with Noah @kernellinux in that Matrix / Element offers much more so having a slightly greater need to set-up should be considered acceptable - at least I think that’s part of what he was saying in the shorter recorded portion of the show to which I have access! (My apologies for still not being a Patron though I have been a fan of the show for so long. I work very little, part time only currently, due to family commitments but hopefully that will change in time.)

I think RHEL’s news is excellent, especially for sole individuals like myself who aren’t powering any kind of business with it, but using it as a tool for learning, primarily.

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That was a great question @esbeeb!!! Thank you for giving us something to think about!!! :heart_eyes::hugs::penguin::penguin::penguin::penguin: