206: Hindsight is 2020, Looking Back at How 2020 Affected Technology


Thanks everyone, for a cheery end to the year and look-back :slight_smile:

I’m with @jill_linuxgirl in my support for Debian Stable. I think defaulting to Wayland was a huge step forward. I’m looking forward to the next release in summer too. Having said that I think since approximately version 30, Fedora has been very impressive indeed too. I have been trying Fedora 33 and Manjaro 20 and finding both impressive, though I still find myself a little suspicious of large corporations and their influence, so would give Manjaro a slight preference for a fast-updating system. I have yet to try MXLinux too, which is closer to my normal Debian home, and may have a look in 2021.

All the best to DLN creators, community and everyone! Hope the coming year brings prosperity and health to us all :partying_face:


@jill_linuxgirl I loved your :heart: for Debian in this episode and Debian 10 is indeed a great release and they updated a lot of stuff that people normally do not expect from it. I mean look at the nice boot screen using Plymouth and it actually works flawlessly. I also use many of the small window managers and I still have 32 bit hardware. Debian is made for that.

Fedora 33 sounds to be an amazing release. This year was the first one that I did not try it. Might do that and to please @MichaelTunnell maybe even with Plasma. :slight_smile:

I wish you all happy holidays and enjoy the new year with more great content from DLN!


@jill_linuxgirl Made me smile that you are a Debian devotee too. We also share a history for old computers too and the other week when you said you had an Alphaserver I almost fell out of my seat. I had a 4100 5/400 with 2 CPU cards. I feel so sad the the architecture died because it really was revolutionary at the time. A video you might like to watch is all about the race to 64 bit and how DEC were so ahead at one point but the Intel Gorilla crushed them. But the fact DEC targeted Linux in the first place made me respect them enormously back at that time.

Some day we’ll have to chat about that. Happy New Year to you and thanks for all you did in 2020.


Yup, I didn’t comment on the video at the time but remember DEC Alpha was awesome in its day :slight_smile:


Debian Stable :heart: @ak2020! My favorite distro of all time! :smile: And you will love MXLinux to and its antiX and MEPIS Debian lineage! And a Happy Happy New Year to you @ak2020!!! :joy::tada::penguin::penguin::penguin::hugs:


Hi @veritanuda! :smile:
Debian :heart: forever!
So true! DEC was so ahead of it’s time! The first 64 bit processor to boot!
The 4100 was such a workhorse! And thank you for the video link, just put it in my watch list! I still have Debian and True64 Unix running on my dual proc 500 MHz Alpha! :smiley:
Would love to talk to you more about DEC and all the things! We have so much in common.
Happy Happy New Year to you @veritanuda, and thank you so much for being a part of our Linux family, both here at DLN and at LinuxGameCast!!! :joy::penguin::penguin:

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Ahhww, thank you @vinylninja! Debian has always been my favorite distro and, so true, the 10 release is fantastic! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you to and thank you for being a part of out DLN family!! :joy::penguin::penguin: