201: Interview with Tutanota Plus $6 Billion IPO for SUSE?

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Thanks, everyone - loved this episode!

I worked at a firm who wanted time-tracking and honestly, I think all it achieved for a conscientious and committed individual like me - and others - was to get in the way of our actual work. Not recommended. With all of the difficulties in the world right now, it’s an employers market, but I’d agree with the team, for staff retention, avoid surveillance software!

I always love when you spotlight an ethical, private, community-based firm like Tutanota. Their efforts sound fantastic. Employment-wise my situation hasn’t been so-good for a while now, but they’re firmly on my list of companies to try to support financially as soon as I’m able to!

Even though I’m in the UK I know relatively little about Suse. A long while back I guess my focus closed-in more on Debian and less on RedHat and others after they moved to Enterprise, but some of the Suse tools @MichaelTunnell mentions sound superb from a DevOps perspective too; something I’m looking at increasingly as part of training in latest tools and techniques to break back into IT development as a professional. I will look very closely at git, from the bottom up too, as I’m sure its principles will help with other build systems like Gradle which is starting to be used extensively with Java. I am looking forward to further coverage in DL episodes :slight_smile:


What is the advantage of Tutanota over Protonmail? Protonmail seems to be less expensive for the non-free option.

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I think they’re competitors, really. I have free accounts with both, just to see which I like better. Protonmail probably gives you the closest to Gmail experience, because Tuta won’t automatically download pictures in any emails. That said, I like the simplicity of Tuta and you can send encrypted emails to non-tuta users by choosing to encrypt the email with a password/phrase.

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I did not try it but you can do the same with Proton.

I am really way behind with all the shows but I prefer that ProtonMail has its servers only in Switzerland, so outside the US and EU.

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I haven’t seen that in ProtonMail…either didn’t look or not as obvious.

Isn’t it the other way around? I checked and it’s 12 eur / year for tutanota while it’s 48 eur / year for protonmail. I checked both premium personal accounts.

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Yes, you are right! Did not pay attention to monthly vs yearly…

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On that note, I was left conflicted after listening to the interview. Before listening, I was convinced I’d pay for Protonmail and get that cool @pm.me address. But the interview really had me impressed with Tutanota, plus it’s way cheaper. I’d like to live in a world where I could afford both but unfortunately, that’s not the case.