1U Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Bracket (Video)

I released a video on the process I went through making a rack mount bracket for my lone PiHole Raspberry Pi. Since I will be adding more devices to my server rack, I wanted to have a good base for places to put these things and I think this is the perfect solution for me. Let me know what you think.


Seems like the design had the PoE hat in mind and didn’t accommodate for the power cord. Can the pie go the other way 'round on the sled so it can be plugged in from the back?

I’m sure you could do that, yeah. My thought is to remove some material to use right angle USB cords. It wouldn’t really effect strength, at least not for this application. The whole things is overbuilt anyway. There is a 2U rack design that might work better for non-PoE hats but I don’t foresee a situation where I need to have 12 Raspberry Pi computers in a rack. I mostly use them for individual projects.