199: Linux 5.18, Firefox Snap, Budgie Desktop, KDE Plasma 5.25 and more Linux news!

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That Dev One laptop is asking to have Devuan installed on it.

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In all seriousness, you are blowing this 10-15 seconds Firefox snap initial startup time way out of proportion.

Perhaps. When you add the severe performance lag that popey tested a couple months ago, however, it seems like a collection of bad UX.

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How so? Are you saying it isnt as long or that it doesnt matter iyo?

I just find it is out of proportion compared to other topics. I mean, I just stared 2:43 minutes watching my Fedora 36 upgrade offline. Tumbleweed was even worse. This is hardly ever mentioned.

Yes, there are differences, but the snap delay only happens after reboot as well, and at least the machine remains usable.

Either time matters, either it doesn´t.

What bothers me is that it risks becoming an item for users that just started noticing this because of the repeated attention on podcasts and blogs.

You know you have to wait for the snap to download and apply updates too, right? The delay is on top of that.

Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - really enjoyed this. Best news was you and @dasgeek got to play with the SteamDeck :slight_smile: