193: Unreal Engine 5, EndeavourOS, Unsnap to Flatpaks, Linux Mint, elementaryOS and more Linux news!


For those who want to disable the recent changes to Firefox download panel: you can set browser.download.improvements_to_download_panel to false in about:config to restore the former behaviour.


Happy 5th Birthday, TWiL - thanks, Michael for being such a great member of the Linux community! I’m going to celebrate by looking at options for becoming a Patron. Sponsus’ latest news update was in 2020 according to my system. Wondering if they’re still active?

My favourite news of the week would have to be the upcoming Linux Mint GUI upgrade tool :slight_smile:

@ttk thank you very much for the tip! I will very likely be implementing this :smiley:

@ak2020 thank you :smiley: and thank you for considering becoming a patron! that’s awesome!

You are correct in the Sponsus news updates but it seems like they are much more active for updates on their Discord. I wouldn’t say its a ton more active but still much more active than the website news. That is a bit weird.


Great - I’ll look at the options and sign-up today, preferring Sponsus as I think they’re doing a better deal for creators. Ko-fi looks promising too, perhaps. In any case, it will be my absolute pleasure - circumstances are starting to look up after years, thankfully :slight_smile:

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Sponsus is better revenue share but they do lack a few features for the patrons. We tried Kofi and it was a bad experience for me. They lack almost all need features so we switched to Sponsus instead.

Thats great to hear!

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