185: KDE Plasma 5.24, Steam Deck Reviews, Intel & RISC-V, Qubes OS & More | This Week in Linux

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - excellent show as usual. Amongst all of the news, I find TwisterOS most fascinating. Looking at their website gallery, they’ve done an awesome job at resembling the DEs they’ve targeted. I think this speaks volumes for the flexibility of Linux (and XFCE in general, I think, because they’re all based on that). Call me odd but I install multiple DEs because occasionally I just enjoy a little change, so I’d actually love to see this in mainstream distros too!

Once again another great episode. I wholly agree that Elementary especially should switch to a Fedora base. More specifically Fedora Silver Blue. Considering that Elementary is already shipping just flatpaks. It seems like a perfect fit.