181: PinePhone Pro, Linux Mint / Mozilla, GNOME Extensions, System76 COSMIC | This Week in Linux


I would just like to make clear, that the PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition, is still very much an early device, regarding proper support.

Here’s a few things that still do not work properly, compared to the original Pinephone:

  • Charging. Probably the biggest issue right now, is that charging is not reliable at all. Although I did discover on our Dev images today that it does charge, sometimes.
  • Camera. None of the cameras currently have a driver.
  • Audio. In general there are still many small issues with audio. Mostly during calls, so don’t expect to make meaningful calls with this device just yet.
  • GPS. GPS is not properly implemented yet, neither on the Pro or the Original.

Thanks, @MichaelTunnell. Most interesting news for me this week is System76’s planned new DE. I do believe Rust is probably the outstanding systems language of the future and am also quite interested in Redox, the open source OS being built using it.