175: System76 New Desktop?, Steam Deck, Linus Tech Tips, RHEL, Raspberry Pi | This Week in Linux


Why does “the Stool” have a blue aura/glow about it?!? Surely its not a Valve Portal of some sort?

Great show, as a user of Pop!_OS and Fedora 35 it was super reassuring.

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Thanks @MichaelTunnell , really enjoyed this. The legal news made me laugh out loud; though when I originally heard about the SCO case about twenty years ago it turned my blood cold out of fear of its potentially huge impact on Linux.

Very interesting Pi support for LXDE. Qt licensing does give me the jitters at times so I’m glad to see updates being done to keep Gtk-based DEs going too, though I have been a Debian Stable KDE user for some time now and am unlikely to change any time soon.