170: Steam Deck, Fedora 35, OBS Studio, Flatpaks, 25 Years of KDE | This Week in Linux


I completely forgot about Fedora Kinoite! I happened to be running Silverblue on my laptop while watching this, it only took 10 minutes to switch using the ostree rebase functionality. Very impressive distribution, certainly some rough edges, some of which might be the beta status of Fedora 35 and some of it is my own inexperience running Fedora or an immutable system. Not going to replace my very stable Kubuntu on my main machine in the short term, but definitely going to keep an eye on this.

Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - love the speeding through lots of news this episode! I didn’t see the blow-up but the edited version is super-quality as usuall!

There is so-much here, not sure what my favourite news is. Maybe Fedora? I had some hardware problems so lost access to my main device on which I ran Fedora in a VM, but I’ll be looking to reinstate it soon. My experience with it previously has been excellent. Same goes for AlmaLinux!

I’ve fallen a little behind on podcasts due to some family circumstances, but looking forward to catching-up on all the podcasting goodness soon :slight_smile: