161: Debian 11, Audacity Saga Continues, Wordpress, CentOS, Netflix Gaming? | This Week in Linux


Love the Thelio Mega and now Hyperscale voice, has to be a point of pride because that voice is earned!

I checked out the front page of CudaText and the first image shows a “Rep global” button for global find and replace. That’s literally my #1 point of contention with Atom and Sublime Text that this isn’t quick and easy compared to mousepad and Notepad++. Will need to check it out.


lol I forgot I did it for the Thelio Mega. That’s 3 that have earned the movie trailer voice then when you add in Threadripper. :smiley:

I think CudaText is certainly worth some investigation but Sublime Text has that too with Ctrl+Shift+F . . . Sublime is pretty awesome which is why I am excited for an alternative to it that is open source. :smiley:


Thanks, Michael - excellent show, as usual. I second admiration of your potential Hollywood-trailer-voice-over skills :wink:

I am truly excited to hear Debian 11’s due soon. It’s been my daily driver … since version seven I think! In any case, I’ll still try to discipline myself to not upgrade all my machines on the day it’s released. I think generally wiser to wait a few days just in case there are any teething problems with updates.

CudaText does sound pretty-good. I’m currently using Kate for everyday work, since switching to Plasma as I was finding vim kept crashing (in my terminal under GNOME). Surprised to see Pascal still being used, though I have fond memories of it being the first structured programming language I learned, and also the precursor to Modula-2, the first imperative language I was taught in college.

As far as Audacity goes, can’t wait for the flatpak of the fork, frankly!

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@MichaelTunnell: Just caught up on TWiL 161 today. The highlight of this episode, second only to the HyperScale voice of course :laughing:, is definitely CudaText. Been playing with it today and I am liking it more and more - I think I’ve found my new default editor. I was surprised by the amount of plugins available for it too.

@ak2020: FreePascal still has quite the community around it. Check out https://www.lazarus-ide.org/


Thanks, I remember Delphi, from Borland, I believe. They used to be pretty big back in the 90s!