153: Audacity CLA Controversy, Ubuntu DMCA Notice, Have I Been Pwned, Inkscape | This Week in Linux


Good to hear that the Fedora podcast is joining DLN. Unfortunately, the podcast was caught by the new Firefox new site isolation feature also mentioned in this episode. I was greeted by To protect your security, player.fireside.fm will not allow Firefox to display the page if another site has embedded it. To see this page, you need to open it in a new window Opening another window did not help.
I tried other methods and was greeted by the Cloudflare Captcha. BTW- I use protonvpn which seems to give Cloudflare a heartburn. I don’t do “Captcha”. My old eyes have difficulty deciphering blurred low quality images.

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The Floppy based Linux is extremely fascinating.
I am interested in seeing what interesting things could be done with this. It essentially makes any older hardware useful, at least in the terminal sense. I have an old Thinkpad that would be fun to use with this. For whatever reason, this is the thing that really got me all jazzed up this week.


Welcome @Kyzstal! :slight_smile:

I’m also on ProtonVPN, great service though yeah it does attracts captchas time to time.

My experience with DLN hosting has been captcha free, the particular end point your using may have been abused by spammers, especially if it’s free tier. If you let ProtonVPN connect to whatever server is fastest sometimes the fastest one will be a free tier server and it’ll connect you.

Show is here if you’d like a direct link and I switched the youtube to embedded in the original post. Let me know how it goes.

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Sign me up, i’m ready.

Gimpse discussion thread as mentioned in the show:

Thanks, Michael - very entertaining and informative as usual! I have been admiring Fedora as groundbreaking for a number of releases now; I am delighted to hear of the new podcast and addition to DLN :+1:

I’m not really liking the sound of Audacity CLA; perhaps they are just trying to cover themselves legally even though at this stage it isn’t strictly necessary, though I don’t understand why…

Great news from Inkscape, and sorry to see Glimpse out of the picture for a while. I don’t understand the persistence of GNU Image Manipulation Program name. I had no idea that the abbreviated form had an offensive meaning and have avoided using it ever since I did know. (Besides which, I find Tarantino over-rated too often, though that’s maybe off-topic).

Favourite joke of the week: “I can only imagine that the name thing was from the Department of Redundancy department!” :laughing:

I wish they had just came out and just said “We want to sell this on the various Application Stores for a cost and we need that p r o p r i e t a r y to do so.” or if that isn’t the plan then just have laid their cards on the table and said “this is it.” because it comes across like VST 3 is a carrot.