152: Freenode IRC Fiasco, SUSE IPO, RHEL 8.4, Element, Sublime Text, Wine | This Week in Linux


Thanks, Michael - lots of very good news this week :slight_smile: I’m struggling to choose a favourite. From a communications perspective both the updates to Element and the Femtostar news in collaboration with Pine64 sound wonderful. Also the release of new Linux laptops. I’m thinking numeric keypads are quite common on 15-inch laptops in UK; maybe we have smaller fingers here(!) Favourite joke of the week “RGB backlit gives you an extra five frames per second…” :laughing:

For my text editor I switched to Kate recently as my main one. Prior to that I was using vim as a common denominator available everywhere but was a bit put-off by its repeatedly crashing in a Gnome terminal under Gnome / Debian. Prior to that I was relying on JEdit for compatibility with Windows, but another good thing about Kate is it works on Windows too - with the same themes as well, I believe; not that I use Windows often, thankfully.

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Hi Michael. Thanks for doing the work to keep us updated with This Week In Linux.

I had a minor issue with this episode: In my audio RSS feed catcher (AntennaPod on Android), the links for kline.sh and Freenode Response seemed to be going to localhost ( - which, of course, didn’t work for me.

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