149: Linux 5.12, Fedora 34, elementary OS 6, openSUSE Leap, RHEL 8.4, Pine64 | This Week in Linux


Thanks @MichaelTunnell - great episode, sounds like the unedited was a lot of fun too :slight_smile:

I’m pretty impressed how quickly Rocky have a release candidate out and glad Alma has 8.4 on the horizon too; also Pine64’s products, though I do wonder how tiny the keys are on that pictured keyboard?

I’ve been enjoying Humble Bundles of late though haven’t really gone into the details of how it all works. I’m happy either way. For folks struggling financially they’re an excellent deal. I’ll be very happy to contribute more to developers and charities directly too, when able, of course.

Best news for me, though, has to be Fedora 34. From feedback on our forum, sounds like it’s a real hit!

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