147: System76 COSMIC Desktop, Slackware 15.0, LXQt, Zorin OS 16, Xinuos vs IBM | This Week in Linux


That Slackware announcement was great. :smile:


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - very interesting and informative, as ever!

I’m glad Slackware’s still going. It was the first distro I used, back in 95/96. Part of me wants to install it in a VM just for nostalgia’s sake. Maybe some time soon. The first PC I installed Linux on had 8MB of RAM, yup 8MB when the old joke about Emacs was “Eight Megabytes and Continuous Swapping”!

I remember the Sco/Novell issues years back and I think they brought something of a cloud over Linux development for a while, or at least I was fearful back in those days. I’m sure nothing will come of this new case either, hopefully.

I took advantage of the Python and Machine Learning Humble Bundles last week. Excellent, both :slight_smile:


Slackware also happened to be my first Linux distro. I have no real desire to run it in production anymore, but I may throw it on my old laptop when the stable release is a available.