144: GNOME 40 Released, Fedora 34, openSUSE MicroOS, Pinebook Pro, System76 | This Week in Linux

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GNOME 40 Released, Fedora 34, openSUSE MicroOS, Pinebook Pro, System76 | This Week in Linux 144 - YouTube On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ve got some big releases to talk about such as GNOME releasing of the anticipated GNOME 40. We’ve also got some distro news with Fedora 34 Beta, we’re going to talk about openSUSE’s MicroOS distro, and we’ll also check out the latest release of KaOS Linux.…


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell for recording this twice for our benefit!

Gnome 40 and Fedora 34 Beta have to be the best software news of the week, and System76 AMD laptop best hardware news, in my opinion! When I buy my next laptop I think it will have to be amd64 instruction-set for compatibility with the largest possible range of Debian packages, ruling out the PineBook even though I think they’re a superb company and I would love to buy one as an experimental device if I have additional funds.

Having looked fairly briefly at Rust some time ago, I did consider it to be very promising, most specifically for system coding, which is why I find the OS being built completely in Rust also very interesting. C is a superb language for OS coding, which is surely why most of the kernel is coded using it, though I do believe due to the potential for security vulnerabilities, Rust could be a very valuable tool indeed.

My first experience of being flummoxed by man pages dates back to around 1991 :slight_smile: I’m still using them though, and I’m sure the update is very welcome :wink:

I’ve been intending to try Tumbleweed and so might well try the MicroOS version :+1:

Much could be said about the FSF controversy, though I have to say if there’s a fork that gains community support, I would be well in favour of it.

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