138: 20 Years of VLC Media, OBS Studio, Lightworks Video Editor, DevConf.cz | This Week in Linux


Thanks, Michael - great news this with VLC and their lunar programme - I’ve been a fan since version 1.something, certainly :slight_smile:

Interesting that OpenMandriva’s using LLVM. gcc always fascinated me as I was interested in compiler technology back when I was doing research in hardware software codesign. I think LLVM’s modular approach has advantages and I think having some competition can drive quality so I’m glad it’s there :slight_smile:

OBS Wayland support is also excellent news, though I have to say I’m always a bit unsure what Plasma support is like for Wayland currently because it might still be defaulting to X on Debian 10 whereas GNOME defaults to Wayland and works very well. Recently I have found GNOME Boxes has a problem with mouse pointer disappearing under Wayland but the same VMs are fine under X so I’m using Wayland less than I used to. Hopefully in Debian 11 (expected in late summer or-so) they will have fixed this because I prefer Wayland to X now.

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I have Plasma on Wayland on my laptop with Endevour OS. It’s a bit rough right now, but Plasma 5.21, which should be out in he next couple of days, should fix a lot of problems.

One of the biggest issues I have is that some apps (chromium based web browsers and electron apps in particular) look blurry when using fractional display scaling. I have my laptop set to 150%, and the fact that this works to some degree is one of my reasons for actually using Wayland on that machine in the first place.


Plasma’s great for power-users, no doubt, but a bit overwhelming for me with a lot of its options every time I go to a menu for example. Good to hear Endeavour’s got it setup with Wayland already :slight_smile:

It’s not the default yet (understandably so), but the option is there.

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