132: Dragonbox Pyra, KDE's 2021 Roadmap, Snap Themes, Linux Instant Replay Tool


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - very interesting and informative, as usual :slight_smile:

Dragonbox Pyra definitely looks appealing, though way-off my price-range currently. I especially like that it runs Debian for retro-gaming, if I’ve understood correctly.

I’ve thought about collating health records for some time now. The MyGNUHealth application definitely seems worth a look.

I don’t play many games, but yes, well done Xonotic - I see also available as a flatpak, so I may try it out soon :slight_smile:


the Pyra is cool and I think it is very interesting but sadly the price is way too high for my needs. The Debian part makes no sense for gaming, so promoting this as a gaming device is odd. The form factor is sure but the power isnt all that gaming. I think the form factor in general is really cool.

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Sudo Show’s CrowdSec interview mentioned on the show:

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