-12 Week Fullstack Boot Camp

Looking for advice…
I’m currently out of work and I have a chance to do a 12-Week Full-Stack Bootcamp. It’s approx. $12K and I’ve qualified to get it paid for by the government. (Thanks Canada)
Course is intense… 12 Hours a Day and will cover, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, MySQL, Ruby on Rails and more.
Anyways… I guess what I am asking is… What should I concentrate on?
I’m pretty technical… I can things slowly but surely. I’ve been using Linux for over a year, I run a server at home, I’m taken some online courses on Python…
Any help is appreciated.

There’s a few competing concerns… what you like doing, what you have an aptitude for and what people are willing to pay you to do. Somewhere between those three you’ll know what to focus on and I can only advise on the last one.

If it’s possible i’d talk to all your friends and do some sniffing around to see if someone will take you on as an intern so you can get some real-World direction for the education and a more assured way to get a position when you’re done.

With entry level Web/Linux stuff the job market is going to be brutal unless you’re pointed straight at something tangeable (a reliable track to getting hired) so i’d probably figure that out first. NodeJS for example is crazy powerful and the hot new thing but most companies run PHP because NodeJS has terrible eCommerce support. Does that mean you should learn PHP instead? That depends on who’s hiring, your aptitude for it and inner desire to use it.

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Would love to know how they’re covering it. Maybe I should be doing this course instead of College for more debt. DM me if you’d like

Thanks… looks like I need to brush up on a lot.

The company is called Lighthouse Labs… and I was able to find them through Achev.
I think you need to go through Achev to qualify for the grant/scholarship/free stuff!!!

I’ll pm you