12 Days of Christmas 2021 - Open Source Donation Edition

With Christmas on the way, I decided to donate a small amount to 12 projects that I either use a lot, or would like to keep going in order to use more. My list (in no particular order), is as follows, complete with links to the donations pages if you also wish to donate to these projects.

  1. Archive.org
  2. Ardour
  3. Blender
  4. Godot
  5. Inkscape
  6. Krita
  7. Kdenlive Note: for Kdenlive
  8. KDE foundation Note: for Plasma
  9. LibreOffice
  10. Mozilla
  11. SnipeIT
  12. Pipewire

What a wonderful idea. Solid.

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That’s a great idea. I tend to do this when I remember it or think of how long I’ve used something that has enriched or made my life easier and then I will donate. It’s actually surprising how many projects have no way to donate in place.

Also, it’s not always necessary to donate money. Sometimes just saying thank you is a nice way to support your favorite projects. Positive feedback can be a reward in itself.

You’re right, there are definitely other ways to contribute to or thank the projects. I just want to actually “pay” for the products I’m using, and since I don’t have a lot of time to contribute code, documentation, support, etc at the moment, I want to donate cash.

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What a fantastic idea!
Coincidentally I’ve been trying to do the same kind of thing. Sometimes it’s not entirely clear where and how to contribute, though. I wanted to give the peeps behind Evolution (Gnome’s mail client) some money as I use it daily to access my company’s O365/Exchange service. In the end I gave the Gnome project the cash as I could find no way to direct specifically to individual devs or groups of contributers.
My new year’s resolution: to contribute documentation/copywriting to projects as well as the occasional tenner.

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What a lovely idea, I hope something like this catches on! My 12 projects are:

  1. Lutris
  2. Mozilla
  3. Thunderbird
  4. VLC
  5. Kodi
  6. ffmpeg
  7. GIMP
  8. LibreOffice
  9. Kdenlive and KDE in general
  10. The Raspberry Pi Foundation
  11. Warzone 2100
  12. Calibre

Living in Japan, projects that only use PayPal as a way of donating make it impossible for me to donate to them (PayPal blocks Japanese PayPal accounts from donating, probably due to a silly government mandate).

My New Year’s wish is that projects that only include PayPal as a payment method for donating, increase the amount of payment options available.

Edit: added links to appropriate donation pages.

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Similarly, I have purposed to give to Open-Source projects throughout the year. Although I must admit that I have fallen behind this is a gentle reminder to get back to giving.

Some of my past projects:

  1. RamBox
  2. Mozilla
  3. Ubuntu
  4. LibreOffice
  5. KDE


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