Wordpress plugins

I need help here. I am currently looking for stuff help my new website function but i was wondering if there any good open source project i can support? while i run this website?

I’m afraid I don’t have a background in Wordpress though it’s hard to parse your question(s). If you could give more context it’ll make things easier for someone to help and if nothing else i’ve found it’s good to get the strategy into text.

A lot of people only visit the forum once a day (some less) so think of questions like an email to tech support instead of live chat.

mainly i been looking for open source plugins.
I seen to main close source plugins like jetpack . that one of plugins i want to replace. it Automatic version of all in one security app




Pick one.

If you’re not familiar with running a Wordpress site, invest some time in learning the shortcomings of running a site on the most popular blogging codebase that has been spaghetti-fied into being an ‘everything for everyone’ platform.

As soon as your site gets published, it will be instantly swarmed by bots looking for Wordpress-specific exploits. If you’re not on top of patching, you’re gonna have a bad time.