Windows Question

I have a valid windows 10 running on an ssd.
Question is if I install Linux over it then install windows 10 in a virtual machine will it be activated since its on the same hardrive ?


It’s not the same hard drive in a virtual machine.

Ok Thank You.

A little extra info…

I used to run Win7 in VirtualBox and although all the hardware was abstracted, enough information leaked through from the host hardware that when I moved the harddrive to a different machine it asked for key verification again. I even tried it will all hardware/graphics acceleration turned off with the same result.

I’m assuming Win10 will probably do this too and possibly with other virtualization software like libvirt. I’ve since moved to libvirt but don’t VM Windows anymore or i’d let you know. I’d be interested if you encounter this if you ever move the drive.

If I install win10 I have to sign into my Microsoft account which is tied to the computer and it activates it.

Windows 10 generates an ID based on the hardware you have and ties that in with the activation key. If the hardware configuration does not match what is tied to the ID, then it is going to ask for the activation key.

Thank You for helping.