Will the Ubuntu Google merger cause you to jump ship

It will me…



Are you talking about the Flutter runtime for Google’s Dart language from back in June, or is there a new news article I missed? That was hardly a merger.

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Maybe Flutter will eventually be what everyone wishes Qt was.

What? Did they merge?! :thinking:

I, also, missed this info. I read the Ubuntu Makes Flutter 'Default Choice' for Future Desktop Apps - OMG! Ubuntu! post on OMG!, but didn’t consider that adding yet another open-source toolkit was, in effect, merging.

I guess a lot of people will stop laughing at LMDE now?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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What has happened? Can somebody give me the quick and dirty?

You’re using text filler to get around the minimum for creating a thread and using a title that’s a pretty major claim with no explanation or citation.

Would you consider that spam?


No, I’ve never been a fan of Ubuntu’s hand holding, really. I don’t use it.

Snaps were enough to get me to do a hard pass on Ubuntu for any future server provisions, though.

We all already have Google code on our systems from their kernel contributions. They’ve done a good job at making sure their existence is inescapable, even for those of us that don’t need any of their “free” services.

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False alarm. It looks like they are just adding another toolkit option, and actively using the toolkit to build an installer.

Hope the new installer looks and works as nicely as the current one. :slight_smile:


I quite agree. (For ten reasons… and you wont BELIEVE number #4 )


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The ‘previews’ of the new installer look quite nice. I especially like the ‘repair install’ option. This was one of the features of Pop_OS that I really enjoy.

If they do. im going to an FSF distro.

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Ubuntu is a product and Google is a company name. I guess Canonical could in theory merge with Google, but for Ubuntu it would be a collaboration rather that a merger.

Would there ever be a Goobuntu? I can’t see it especially after amazonuntugate.

Did Ubuntu buy Google? If there were a ship within a ship within a ship I would jump out of a ship to a ship and land into ship into ship.

I would consider it spam if I was moderating these forums.

PS: This thread was necro’d after 8 months.

Thanks Strit,

I’m worried if there’s a rule against posting on old threads some questions may not get answered and conversational topics may lose the benefit of prior discussion or be less likely to be read if they’re linked.

I agree it was a pretty spammy thread creation :stuck_out_tongue: though some good discussion came in and it’s always good to leave some room for play. What do you think a fair middle ground would be?

I don’t think there is a rule about that. I am thinking that unless there is a hard ‘archive’ rule on something, you can post on any thread no matter the age.

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