Who is running KDE Neon?

I’m looking to try Plasma, KDE Neon or Kubuntu…I’ve spent years in Ga-nome, Xfce, even used FVWM along the way. Now DLN has this cult following I have to try.

Neon is bleeding edge KDE, Kubuntu is normal release cadence. Which do you prefer?

Thanks for voicing your opinion.


When I’ve run KDE, I prefer Kubuntu. No, it’s not bleeding edge but I’ve found it to be more stable.

Now, I must state that I’ve never bee able to run any distro with KDE for more than a few months. I run into the same issues over and over again. Specifically, Discover just flat out DIES on me and I can no longer update, add/remove programs, etc. And when discover dies like this for me it take the terminal’s abilities with it.

I’ve never run into this kind of issue with any other DE. Just KDE.

I do use KDE Neon and used different KDE based distributions in the past.

What I really like about Neon is that it doesn’t have many of the bugs that more sagging distributions still do. There’s also new functionality that I also like.

Sometimes updates do include new bugs, but I’d say they fix much more and in places that make usage better.
And if some new bug did bother me, rolling back is always as option.

I have been using Neon as my daily driver on my Oryx Pro (which is my desktop) for sometime now. I have tried switching a couple of times other distros but seem to keep coming back.

Neon is a good mix with the LTS base and the getting the latest of Plasma. I really have not suffered any issues with the rolling of the desktop. Occasionally, what will happen though is after a a big update I might the logout screen might not work (could be an nVidia thing, not sure), but the simple fix is just switch to another vt like ctrl-alt-F2, then reboot from there. Once the system reboots, everything works 100%. As, I said that is intermittent.

The updates themselves are not jarring and tend to be the subtle improvements that just make the desktop a more pleasurable experience to use. The big think to note is that while you may use apt or apt-get to install software by command if you choose, pkcon is the command updating the system.

It’s true that the Kubuntu base follows the release cadence of Ubuntu so things can get out of date but my experience has been that using the backports ppa lets me run the latest version of Plasma. Rik Mills maintains the ppa and he usually has new Plasma versions ready with days of release, sometime literally within hours.

I’m looking forward to running KDE neon. It has been long time since i tried it. The last time i keept getting crashes on it. I think this ride will be awesome on KDE neon

Hows this for a late reply ? I ran Garuda for a but, Manjaro for a bit and MX for a bit(all KDE). I like the simplicity of Neon Qt QUITE a bit :wink:
It’s a fun ride. I doubt I’d use it as a daily driver…maybe on a laptop/road tripper or something.

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